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Were gonna be moving house...

Hokay, so...

blogger has had a decent run for now, but unfortunately it has been giving me a fuckton of problems. so with that said I've decided to make my current tumblr my resident home for all things video and what not since i am more active there. While i do have the fan run blog "fuckyeatehsmarty" however id like to have something a little more official. So why the hell not! Tumblr is a much more user-friendly blogging website, and id just prefer to use it than blogger.

So please, join us there!

The Machinimist - One

Title Card by Joanna Sabatino
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Tehsmarty's Horror Corner - Slender

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Tehsmarty's Horror Corner - Nightmare House 2

Tehsmarty's Horror Corner is back with a motherfucking vengeance! In this episode smarty plays nightmare house 2..... Wait a minute....

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Dont Be Stupid, Be A Smarty, Come and Join the Charity Party!

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The Return of MLG N+ [Part 2]

The Machinimist - Haley

In today's episode, Smarty talks about something that has been pestering the halo machinima community for quite some time... Dramatic Halo Machinimas. Specifically Daemon Productions "Magnum Opus": Haley

Id like to also make note that I could not get this episode done without the help of Karla and Jeff. Big props go to them!

Title Card Art by Joanna Sabatino
Show Logo by Mia Costin
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